what is a Bitcoin (₿) Cryptocurrency


what is a Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It started in the year 2009, which has gradually become so popular that the price of a bitcoin has reached millions of rupees. It is also called cryptocurrency because it uses cryptography for payments. This means that now this currency can also be called the currency of the future.

For Bitcoin transactions the consumer sends the message of payment via private (key) digital means, if you can see the world wide spread decentralized network.

It is the opposite of a debit or credit card payment. Bitcoin is a term that can only be used for online Lennaden. Bitcoin prices fluctuate dramatically as the question often arises as to whether it is able to function in one currency …

It is a new currency, encrypted by encryption for mutual payments on a common computer network. This currency made from digital systems is kept in a digital wallet only. It was launched on January 3, 2009. It is the world’s first fully open payment system. There are over 10 million bitcoins worldwide.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, a digital currency that has no physical form like other currencies. This is a posture that you can neither see nor touch. It is only stored electronically. If someone has Bitcoin they can buy goods just like a normal currency.

Bitcoin is currently becoming very popular in the world. It was invented by an engineer named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and was released in 2009 as open source software. Currently people are trading by buying Bitcoin at a lower price and selling it at a higher price.

There is usually a two to three percent transaction fee for debit/credit card payments, but no fees for bitcoin. It is gaining popularity due to the extra charges for its transactions.It is a new Cryptocurrency currency.


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