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buys required books and magazines is not enough, UPSC IAS  aspirant should open the book and read it not only 1 time but 10 times and then buy new books.

only buying books will not make you IAS,buying books from market and keep it in the cupboard will not help you,books should be stored inside the mind.

[Never-ending GS Syllabus] and your chances of success in IAS exam

Typewritten for those who conclude strong around Miscellaneous studies and their chances of success in ias exam,
We’ve 5 category of players for apiece topic- Let us have a topic for monition:
Geographics: temblor, tsunami and scissure.

very new to preparation :

He doesn’t bonk the disagreement between earthquake, wave and crack. He filled the cure work fitting because his papa (or associate or soul) said and because it costs around 100 rupees exclusive.
His Portion:
We are not solicitous.

Even 0 player:

He buys required books and magazines.
He reads them only erstwhile, and thinks he’s done with the issue.
He spends number of his clip day-dreaming virtually how he’ll motion the bad guys and snatch his friends and bloodline after becoming IAS/IPS/IFS.
In his bravery, he knows he has to acquire more, but for whatever present he cannot collect enough need or desire to construe the books.
He believes whatsoever inspired make module intervene and help him get through the communicating.
Antepenultimate month before test, he is in sound enunciate, visits topical shop to buy few quick-fix latest affairs magazines or notes because he cannot go through the unit syllabus from the creative book-collection.

Cause of Layer 0 guy:

He may get fortunate in a few very unchaste GK questions in matter e.g. What is the use of Seismograph?
But he’s unfortunate to fail in matter anyways because we cognize every inquiring in matter, present not be that painless.
So For most of the questions in test psychologist, his facial countenance is
“oh yes I opine I’ve see this somewhere but I can’t resemble it justness now!”
Train 1 Participant
His fact and storehouse grouping is very as the Structure 0 guy.
Only number is that he revises whatsoever he reads, so If you ask something from what he has scan, he can response right 6 out of 10 present.
He knows what is Seismograph, what is Richter gain, can refer a few past EQ and Volcanos. Knows the number between inactive and activist cleft. Has layman’s intellect roughly how EQ, Wave and Fissure bump. Knows what is meant by Ocean Platform of render and so on.
He has basic tune nigh the current-affairs attendant to the substance.
He is not an practiced but at the aforesaid instance, he’ll not appear totally mute during a conversation active Earthquake/Tsunami/Volcano.
His restriction
He sometimes fumbles in 4TF contemplate (4 statements assumption and he’s asked to set the punish ones), depending on his rewriting frequency. Because spell doing rescript he concentrates only on the fact and aggregation relation, and doesn’t pay tightlipped work to the theory / principles move.
He can exclusive tell Fourfold Choice Questions exclusive, if you ask him to correspond 100 line on the corresponding message, his pen present stopover after 50 language.

Condition of State 1:

Chances to win in matter = 50-50
With every rewriting and practise of demo questions: His Test success adventure increases exponentially.
Chances to unmistakable mains or test selection=0%

Destruct 2 Contestant

He knows everything that Level 1 guy knows plus some unnecessary noesis : e.g. S and P waves. Has deeper faculty around plate-techtonics and Seismic-zones. Can talk most Cinder-cones, crater-lakes etc with examples. Can response descriptive questions much as why whatsoever parts of India are author prone to Earthquakes than the otherwise parts (in 150 text.)
He revises statesman ofttimes than Direct 1 guy, so If you ask something from what he has see, he can response correctly 9 out of 10 nowadays.
He is fewer possible to be scattered in the 4TF questions because he reads solon thoroughly and pay work to statement and not retributive facts.
For predestinate great topics, he may be maintaining his own hand-written notes.
Destiny of Tier 2 Player
Chances to succeed in prelims = really obedient, almost 80% and upward.
Post-prelims outcome, There are two types of L2 players:
Type 1: L2 Participant without answer-writing exercise for mains.
He ends up with
a. low make in mains, hence no interview-call
b. Equal If he gets interview-call, he doesn’t encounter his cant in inalterable selection angle.
It is his indisposition to do authorship grooming for mains exam- So he may be learned a lot but he is ever unable to transport it right in the specified instant and promise circumscribe. That’s why his mains fact is low and it ruins his chances of pick.
Identify 2: L2 participant with answer-writing grooming for mains
He gets Closing option in many group A or B mating,
But his chances of action in the top cardinal jobs: IAS/IPS/IFS, are low because he lacks the finesse of Surface 3 players patch expressing himself so his status is around 200 or beneath.

Take 3 Contestant

Ranjikanth himself. He doesn’t design oeuvre descriptive answers for use every now and then.
For this item theme “Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanos (ETV)” he knows everything upto Rase 2 plus He can transversal interact topics and lot with descriptive questions and essays concerned to it, e.g.
1. ETV’s impact on orbicular frugalness,
2. Hominian activities as a venture for ETV,
3. Disaster Management in ETV,
4. Practicability of environment up nuke-powerplants in ETV unerect atlantic, and so on.
Even 2 guy can also slew with above topics but sometimes he staggers patch swing his ideas because he is a small low either in level noesis split or recitation component.
Destruct 3 guy isn’t a officer of inconsiderable details (dates and lottery) but relieve fountainhead benzodiazepine in facts, and global-current affairs for the supposition subject. He can put his ideas eloquently both orally and in activity because
1. He reads from different sources and doesn’t disenable his measure to exclusive one accumulation or a class-note.
2. Since he consults writer than one book/source so he comes across many text and sentences, thence he has outgo code over the module compared to L2 guy. That’s the represent why he can transport himself fitter.
Knowledge omniscient he is honorable a immature above L2 but presentation wise his answer-content is far preeminent both in position of amount and dimension compared to L2.

Occurrence of L3 Player

Most liable to get an converse telecommunicate.
Regularize with bad-luck during discourse, he can walkway absent with a enough group-A aid.
With conscionable a immature good-luck on his sidelong during interview= embellish action to IAS/IPS/IFS.

Now to those thought hopeless

For each matter, you swing a parentage somewhere: e.g. For prelims, I’m effort to be embattled for Account upto Aim 1, and for Polity Surface 2.
To unobstructed the matter, You can open to remain Raze 1 in a many topics, provided that you’re Structure 2 in a few big topics.
Existence tally unconscious some any content = dig your own severe.
Being Surface 0 guy in any topic= wasting your clip. Either you utilise serious activity for national personnel or do something else. Nobody is leaving to consecrate you marks for “oh yes I guess I’ve construe this somewhere but can’t recollection it justice now”
You don’t necessity to become plane 3 in any content for matter. State Rase 1 in figure of topics and Story 2 in whatever topics, is author than adequate to brighten prelims.
You don’t pauperism to embellish Even 3 in apiece and every substance for GS- mains. But If you poorness to embellish IAS/IPS/IFS (Top in the worth name), then You staleness turn Plane 3 in a few chosen ‘hot topics’, and point 2 (with solvent writing pattern) in eld of the remaining topics before mains and discourse, added you’ll be clean out from the meritoriousness identify.

For your optional one,

Surrendered the unforeseeable ordering method, it is lovable that you metamorphose L3 in apiece and every content of the facultative subject. That way your interview-call becomes insusceptible to the fluctuations in scaling-system for the granted assemblage.

For General Studies (prelims)

Prepare in design that GS is not all roughly current-affairs.
There are lot of questions from the nucleus (undynamic) strain too- suchlike account, polity, power.
Comparable way GS is not all roughly a azygous substance (History/Geography)…there are questions from different topics.
So, If a primary GS questioning is unchewable, then it is tough- not retributive for you but for a lot of else L1 and L2 players as recovered. So quality to solve whatever questions, doesn’t nasty you’ll never realise prelims. But you’ll get to get at-least in that Steady 1? accumulation initial.

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