Sahaja Yoga: Self-Realisation and Vibrations


“In our heart, there is a flicker of light, which is burning all the time, which is Atma, the reflection of Paramatma in our heart. When the Kundalini arises, She opens the Brahmha Randhra. The seat of Sadashiva the Pitha is in the Sahastrar, but Sadashiva is reflected in the heart as Atma. The Pitha is created because it receives the subtle energy which is all pervading.

In the same way, Pithas are in the brain, and the Pitha of Sadashiva is higher up in the Sahastrar, which is opened out, so that the subtle, the sukshma passes into our heart through a very subtle channel. Just like a gas-light, it has a flicker, and when the gas opens out, the prakash (enlightenment) occurs. Vibrations start flowing through us only after our Kundalini rises through the Brahmha Randhra.

Vibrations give us complete balance; correct our physical being, our mental being and our emotional being. They give us a sense of complete spiritual oneness with God. They integrate us completely.

All pervading power is of Holiness which corrects, which guides, which coordinates which loves and which organises everything for you to get this awakening within you. So one must understand how Kundalini awakening is the most important thing that has to happen. Kundalini awakening is the only way you are going to know your spirit.

Today, Sahaja Yoga has reached the state of Mahamaya, which is en-mass evolution manifested through it. It is this day’s Yuga Dharma. It is the way the last Judgement is taking place. Announce it to all the seekers of Truth, to all the nations of the world, so that nobody misses the blessings of the Divine to achieve their meaning, their absolute, their spirit.”


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