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Review : World inbox Gujarati Magazine

Liberty Gujarati  Latest Fact In General Knowledge Magazine comes at 10th date of every month
where world inbox comes at 7th date of every month.
in this competitive market time world inbox growing faster,book stall told our team that world inbox selling had double its selling,and achieved 40% growth in starting.and still growing ..where  Liberty Gujarati  Latest Fact In General Knowledge Magazine shows steady growth as it is horse of long race.
my personal opinion:
in past there is only 1 magazine in Gujarati competitive world and that is Liberty Gujarati  Latest Fact In General Knowledge Magazine
but now there are more than 20 magazine and 5 is leading magazine
including atul prakshan ,akshay prakshan, kiran magazine ,world inbox etc..
same as lgk index of world inbox mag.
vartman pravaho rojinda banavo(current affairs)
vyakti visesh(persons in news)
prashno (que n ans)
nibhand lekhan spardha (essay competition)
vistrut nodh banavo par (lucid note on c.affairs)
vishwa na banavo(world)
desh na banavo(country)
rajya na banavo (state)
but it has 100 pages only!!!!!!!
compare to lgk having 182 pages

about pages quality of world inbox magazine

white page
better than lgk
but in between it gives paper in  substandard ogg white pages. 30% pages are off white,70% are nice and pure white. same as navneet quaality pages. in this lgk is giving all pages off white and little less thickness.

about content quality of world inbox magazine

the quality is lesser than lgk bcoz it is new in market in gujarat and day by day increasing quality.
less or more it is all about articles of the news paper including
Gujarati News Paper GUJARAT SAMACHAR
Gujarati News Paper SANDESH
Gujarati News Paper DIVYA BHASKAR
if you miss news paper of many days,you can read wb and work or revision is over.
so world inbox is complete revision of news papers of Gujarati.

on world inbox magazine website you find this description

home page of world inbox magaine :

About Us
An old maxim “Only dead fish swim with the stream” finds an appropriate option here. We are not here to join the trend but to change the trend through out zeal, gusto, vim, torrid & prudent work. We don’t see any alternative of this ubiquitous & nefarious era of competition. The time has ripped where instead of meddling and complaining about it we need to take it in a positive manner.



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