Modi Babu is now ‘Expiry Babu’: Mamata Banerjee at Dinhata


April 3, 2019

Modi Babu is now ‘Expiry Babu’: Mamata Banerjee at Dinhata

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee started her campaign in Bangla for the 2019 Lok Sabha election at a huge rally at Dinhata in Cooch Behar.

Highlights of her speech:

  • Several schemes have been implemented by the state govt – from tribal welfare and Kanyashee to Sabooj Sathi, Khadya Sathi, Sufal Bangla and many others
  • There is one person with 56-inch chest who is saying that Bengal people have been deprived. How dare he say that?
  • He has no idea of the immense work that has been carried out in Bangla
  • Prime Minister, I challenge you! We are on top in 100 days work; we are on top in ease of doing business as well as in skill development
  • He has no originality: Jagai, madai expression we had coined during panchayat election, now he is using it
  • There are criminals among the candidates in north Bengal. Nisith Pramanik has several cases started by CBI against him, anyone can come and see the papers
  • I am challenging Modi to a debate once again – we will ask questions to each other, let’s see what he replies to mine
  • 2 crore people have lost their jobs throughout the country because of BJP govt policies
  • We have encouraged all languages and dialects in the state, creating separate academies for many of them
  • They said they would open tea gardens. Nothing has happened. It is us who have helped the garden workers in all possible ways
  • Mutation fees not required for land registration now in certain categories
  • They have unending money and spending it on things like hangars. Have you heard of meetings being held like this?
  • I do not speak lies like Modi babu. Will call him “Expiry Babu” from now on
  • Modi’s Ayushman programme is not good. 7.5 crore people will benefit from our Swasthya Sathi scheme, including expecting mothers
  • There is so much security at their meetings because the BJP has no contact with the people
  • The Centre has not done anything for Cooch Behar and Alipurduar. I have solved the problems of the chhit mahal (enclave) areas
  • Bengal farmers have three times the income of the average Indian farmer
  • The EC has said no party can refer to our military while campaigning. Despite that BJP leaders are doing this. How did the PM do it? Isn’t he ashamed?
  • “Touch me if you can… You won’t be able to do anything”
  • Where is that party getting so much money? They are giving money and seeking votes using public money
  • He is an expert in creating his own publicity, misusing his powers as PM.
  • He has a movie, a jacket, a shop in his name
  • Take care of Delhi first, then look at Bengal
  • You will now see “voter strike”, which will be truer than surgical strike
  • Everyone is the country’s enemy, Modi is the only friend. Don’t need a patriot certificate from him
  • I have started the campaign in the state from Dinhata, and the people must vote to remove Modi from all the districts in North Bengal


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