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mahatma mandir gandhinagar

Mahatma Mandir is the gem from the summit of Gandhinagar, administrative budgets of Gujarat. Sprawled throughout a place of around 3-4 yards, Mahatma Mandir immaculately showcases their nation’s wealth that’s also reflected from the edifice’s architectural design and extravagance. The times and life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who made the epithet of’The Father of the World’ affected the routine of this Mahatma Mandir Convention-cum-Exhibition Middle.

mahatma mandir convention and exhibition centre

The colossal modern construction elaborate detailed with all the exhibition halls and tradition centre has been assembled for retaining international conferences, seminars, and matches. The air travel display halls and centers are all armed with high quality centers that offer the right environment for staging equally national and international symposiums and traditions. Even the Central corridor includes multiplex-type seats structure and may match upto 5000 men at one moment; point.

The architectural design

Even the futuristically intended Mahatma Mandir will render you spellbound having its own design arrangement. The intricate features a two-tiered atrium or even foyer along with also the whole chemical has adequate distance for seats 15,000 folks at any particular time. There’s a single lavish and dinning assembly area and seven advanced seminar halls.
There really are a number of 4 hallways such as coordinating symposiums using a joint capability of 2,500. The floor will defy large collecting of men and women as well as also the spaciousness eases in sleek movement around when the assumptions are full of power. The architectural design and also building of this Mahatma Mandir was based on green-technology and implemented by committing to ecological worries.
You will find adequate traveling desks, ATMs, food courts, washrooms, along with restrooms for individuals retaining and engaging from the matches. The parking space has got the capability to adapt a high numbers of autos. The waste water experiences levels of recycling and also is traditionally useful for irrigational and flushing functions. Hybridized renewable electricity is utilized for off-road road lighting.

 how to reach mahatma mandir gandhinagar from ahmedabad.

Even the Mahatma Mandir is positioned in a space of roughly 20kms in Ahmedabad airport terminal and approximately 30kms in Kalupur railroad channel. It’s found in business 1 3 of Gandhinagar and has been dispersed within a place of both 0.053 sq mi.
Conference Centre in a Look
The Innovative:
The most intricate website is ample enough to manage rapid motion up to 15,000 folks.
The conference hallway includes seating capacity of 5000 seats undivided with VIP watching gallerias.
The Conference Centre:
Ability – 5000 chairs (undivided) and VIP viewing galleries.
4 Seminar Rooms Every with a potential of 500 and 1, 000 chairs
9675 sq mts of all pillar-less exhibition distance
For exhibitions and many different programs.


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