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iORA Gujarat – Integrated Online Revenue Applications (Apply Process Step By step Guide)


Iora Gujarat The farmers are now required to visit the internet only to determine the area of the land. The manual won’t be accepted. Once you have made your online fee has been paid and the measurement sheet has been completed, it will be distributed to those who have taken measurements within 30 days of measurement, and 90 days for the aggregation.

The Gujarat Revenue Department has issued an order that makes the system of land surveys ineffective. Following the discussion with adults it was decided to create a new revenue service to the land. By using the online AGIORA portal to measure the area of the land calculating the portion, and so on.

In this context the idea was being considered whether to send instructions through the IORA portal, and also in the future, issue directions to the department of land registry via the imojni application. In this context the department is actively examining and the instructions are issued.

It is expected that the website will become accessible on the internet only for various measurement options. The required sample form for online applications is generated by the system and the instructions will be accessible through the iORA portal.

The information for online measurement is also available at The 2nd Gram Panchayat office as determined by the Panchayat Department.

If someone is having difficulty creating an online application the District Inspector may complete an online application with their assistance by calling the help desk at the office of the land registry.

The survey will have a different measurement for each survey number. However, in the event of share measurement and the extent measurement, if there’s water in the same surveys, the numbers one out of the specified number of numbers, a different number can be selected on the same measurement scale.

The priority of measurement will be two types. Simple measurement (which will be removed within 30 days of the date that payment receipts are generated) Agent measurement (which will be destroyed within 30 days of the time that the payment receipts are generated).

New steps online Varsai Gujarat on iORA Gujarat

-1st, go to the i-ORA portal of the Department of Consumer Affairs to make a new application.

-“Click to” ONLINE Application “in in the top menu in the i-ORA Portal, or click on the one you wish to apply for from the various murders that are listed in the primary page.

Choose the application you want to use and the kind of application.

Select the taluka, district, and village that you want to apply to district, district as well as district surveys. Be aware that if there are several surveyors, you must apply to the number of survey individually.

Enter the mobile number of the applicant and mail address.

Read the SynchPassword code that appears on the screen. Enter it into the textbox below.

If you don’t understand the Captcha Code, simply click “Refresh Code” so that the updated captcha code appears at the top of the page.

When you’ve entered your captcha number click “Generate OTP”. The process of generating OTP will send various verification codes to the applicant’s mobile and mail.

Enter the mobile number as well as the verification code that is in the mail by entering the checkboxes beside “Mail” and then clicking “Submit”.

to click “Submit” and then a prompt for filling in the details of your application.

Input the specifics for the form.

The owner will be granted rights to the land by changing the land located in Gujarat and the information about the property are updated in the revenue records (7/12 as well as 8A) and also in the Gujarat mutation registry. Website If there is a measurement of the size and the number of them, the consent form has to be uploaded and signed by the occupants. If there is more than one person, there will be the signatures of those who have signed to sign, however the measurement must be completed even if the occupants don’t have signatures.

If there is a different possession of the survey number that is different than that mentioned on the application online the measurement won’t be completed as the measurement will continue to work on it and then upload it into the system. In this scenario, the cost for the measurement of the extra amount will be set while the measurements will take place.

Gps Area Calculator

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Fields Area Measurement is a useful tool to determine GPS areas and GPS distance with great precision. There are two methods to determine any GPS area or distance.

Newly added point of interests or POI, this application allows you to share and save specific points that people might find interesting or useful.


– Speedy area/distance mapping.

Smart Marker Mode to get precise pin positioning.

Editing and saving measurements

Measurement Units with Changing Facilities.

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— Area Search Facility.

GEO AREA can be used used for:

Surveys based on land

Farmers, to manage their farms

• Land Record Management

– Construction surveys

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– Town planners

– Construction surveyor

Health Facilities, Education, and Health cartography

– Farm fencing

– Sports track measurement

Construction sites and construction areas

– Asset mapping

Landscape artists

– Landscape design

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– GPS Compass

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Each person’s cost will be calculated by calculating the method used, and the payment is made by way of a secure online payment. After measuring process is completed, an email with an electronic copy (scanned photocopy) of the measuring chair is required.

An original copy of the sheet needs to be sent the local inspector for the first time within 30 days with no cost for sending the sheet via e-mail. The measurement sheet has to be given after having paid the fee for copying after the deadline.

The time of this measurement is communicated to Ajajada via the internet such as the number of a phone, SMS, and an e-mail.

I mojani Gujarat Apply Online

If the person is dissatisfied with the measurement results, they is able to take the test again by paying the fee for the test superset within a timeframe of 6 months following the date of receiving the the measurement sheet via e-mail.

If there is a desire to having the test again We will send the test’s results via email in the space of six months.

From the moment the stage becomes available for online access, SUP and SUPI testing will be eliminated gradually. You will be able track the progress of his AG via his iORA portal.



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