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Stay Focused – App Blocker & Website Blocker also called Focus app is a Self Control, Productivity and App Usage tracker app which helps you focus by restricting the usage of apps, websites and keywords. You can block apps, websites and keywords basis the conditions defined by you! In addition to website blocking and apps blocking, You can set limits on your overall phone usage as well. Keep visiting GujaratRojgar.In for more latest educational useful application.

Stay Focused act as :

  • time limiter
  • distraction blocker
  • keywords blocker
  • social media limiter and tracker
  • app tracker
  • app and website blocker
  • smart productivity app & self-control booster
  • usage tracker

Application Features :

  • Temporarily block apps or websites
  • Track daily time spent while using the app itself
  • Block apps and websites at specified time intervals
  • Off time: keeps you away from selected apps for the selected time
  • Check phone history: gather counts of you checked the phone
  • Limit Screen Time (Your Digital Detox partner): limit your overall phone usage
  • Strict mode: for weak self control
  • Usage tracker: keep track of your app usage and browsing history
  • Lock mode: for parental control
  • App time spent: keep track of time spent on different apps and sites
  • Block notifications: keep you away from distracting apps
  • Activity history: gather the time that you open apps
  • Set daily usage limit for apps and websites


Stay Focused – App Blocker & Website Blocker helps you :

  • reduce time wastage
  • track time spent on social media
  • stop grubbing
  • block distraction
  • stop procrastinating
  • block social media apps
  • boost productivity
  • overcome smartphone addiction
  • reduce disturbance
  • block disturbing websites and applications
  • spend quality time with family or yourself
  • reduce screen time
  • block search keywords
  • block social media websites
  • Permissions required :

    • Accessibility API – This app uses Accessibility API optionally. API is used to view the websites you are browsing which is used to build statistics and remind you of usage.
    • Device Administrator permission – This app uses the Device Administrator permission. By enabling Device Administrator permission for Stay Focused, you can prevent yourself from uninstalling or force closing it.


    Stay Focused – App Block & Website Block is a easy to use productivity app that works as a App Blocker and Website Blocker. In addition to being an app and website blocker you can:

  • Stay Focused App Block is the Best tool to increase productivity and concentration

    • App blocker is the best block site and app blocker
    • Block your email & keep your email notifications off temporarily
    • Stay Focused App Blocker block distracting apps and reduce distractions/limit distractions
    • Strict mode helps you follow the limitation if you have weak self control
    • App Block helps you with digital well being
    • App Blocker helps you focus on your work or studies
    • Set limitations on your phone, reduce your phone addiction and increase self control
    • Stay Focused helps you increase Study timeblock apps or website by using the stay focused app blocker app tracker self-control app
    • Stay Focused App Block help reduce mobile phone usage, control phone addiction and increase quality time
    • Stay Focused website blocker helps track time spent browsing the internet
    • App Block help Block apps you spend the most time to reduce the usage
    • Stay Focused App Blocker – stop procrastinating/grubbing
    • Block app and Increase self control
    • Using Stay Focused App Blocker website blocker set limit on social media apps
    • Stay Focused App Block – keep track of your usage history
    • App Block helps you spend quality time with your family
    • App Blocker helps you to be less anti social
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