Digitalization at the top of IUMI agenda


In the longer-term we see fundamental changes to the way we conduct our business in terms of risk evaluation, claims handling and other underwriting processes. We will continue to build on the work already done and invest time and resources in assisting our members through the change,

…said Mr. Turner.

Another key area of focus for IUMI will be education, with the aim to ensure quality.

Over the past two years we have made solid inroads into delivering an education programme to encourage new talent into the sector, and to develop existing talent. Our aim is to continue to grow our breadth of education services whilst ensuring quality is maintained. Uptake has been good and our task this year is to see continual growth in participation.

These issues, and others, like IUMI advocacy and membership, will be discussed at IUMI annual conference in Toronto in September.

Marine insurance is in a state of flux and the challenges we continue to face will also be under the spotlight. To reflect this, we’ve settled on the provocative conference theme “Confronting the chaos for a sustainable future?”


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