Congratulation to Mr. Google on 14th birthday


Congratulation to Mr. Google
how can we forget Google birthday?
can we?
of course not.
then say hello to Google and with a great happy birthday to Google.
Google have been leading internet world and major search engine in all over the world.
Happy Birthday, Google! Has it been 14 years
Indeed it has been. In the time it would take to raise a teenager with a mouthful of braces, Google has managed to single-handedly transform our culture.
We use it to research our business competitors, settle bar bets, bookmark recipes, check our email, plot driving routes, see if we can find our own front door on Google Maps,
Google’s own company page says the company was founded in 1998 and incorporated Sept. 4, 1998.
But it’s today — Sept. 27 — on which Google is celebrating its 14th birthday, offering up a slice of digital cake.
The cake, adorned with 14 candles, takes the form of what has become one of the most enduring hallmarks of Google’s cultural relevancy: a Google Doodle.
Happy 14th birthday, Google!