What is Joint Seat Allocation Authority [ JoSAA ]?


The JAB (Joint Admission Board), representing IITs and ISM Dhanbad, and CSAB (Central Seat Allocation Board), are making agreements on the behalf of NITs and other CFTIs, and are now united to conduct a counselling (common counselling) for the two exams of JEE. The memo for the same was signed on May 2nd 2015. These two together will be known/called as JoSAA i.e. Joint seat Allocation Authority.

Joint Seat Allocation Authority

The main purpose of the Joint Seat Allocation Authority- JoSAA is to provide a common platform (Online) to apply to various engineering colleges across nation. 88 IITs, CIFTs, 28 NITs and various other institutes can be applied for by the candidates by a single registration. The important objective of Joint Seat Allocation Authority (the common counselling)is to eradicate/remove the problem of reserving the multiple seats. Multiple options can be applied for by the candidates but not more than one seat can be reserved. Before 2015, when individual counselling used to take place, the seats were reserved by the candidates in more than one institute. Due to this reason, the seats in NITs and CFTIs were left vacant.

On 2nd May 2015, in the IIT (Indian institute of Technology) Bombay campus, the JoSAA (The Joint Seat Allocation Authority) had its first meeting. The business rules regarding the finalization of joint seat allocation and fixed during the meeting. The rules are made available at http://jeeadv.iitb.ac.in JoSAA ( Joint Seat Allocation Authority) will commence the seat allocation for the academic year 2017-18 for the academic programs offered by a total of 92 Institutes. The procedure of seat allocation starts from 30th June 2016, via a common web portal.  JOSAA has been formed which consists of representatives from CSAB and JAB from this year. JoSAA will allocate the seats for the candidates who have qualified JEE main and advanced and will give admission to them to ISM Dhanbad , IITs on the basis of their performance.

The eligible candidates for home state quotas in NITs and in other GDTIs are mentioned is given below:

BTM And NITs Quota of home state Home state of candidate should be same where institute is located
BTM And NITs Quota of other states Home state is different from the state where institute is located
Other GFTIs Quota of home state Home state of candidate should be same where institute is located.
Other GFTIs Quota of all India All candidates

Go get More details about JoSAA-Joint Seat Allocation Authority 2018, visit the links given here.

Joint Seat Allocation Authority


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