Unsecured door leads to potential dropped object


The incident

A flat pack spooler unit was being lifted from the boat to be landed on to the main platform deck. During a lift, the storage door had opened which revealed a small tool box inside which was not secured.

Probable cause

After an investigation was concluded, it revealed the following:

  • The Antiluce drop lock had no means of secondary retention during transportation;
  • Inconsistent approach to implement best practice across all workshops;
  • No prior industry alert sourced for similar occurrence.

Lessons learned

After the incident, the following corrective action was made:

  • Secondary retention solution was implemented;
  • Raise awareness at morning briefings and safety meetings;
  • Ensure final release inspections cover all secondary retention areas on equipment.

In order for this incident not to happen again in the future, IMCA recommended that:

  • The recommended method of secondary retention is a tie wrap;
  • The recommended size of the tie wrap is between 4.7mm and 13.2mm for drop locks;
  • The secondary retention must be in place on all units with drop locks for both outward and inward transportation.

In addition, there are some unsuitable retention methods, which is:

  • Do not use linch pins, R-clips, spring; roll; nappy pins or any other kind of pin device as a way of secondary retaining for lifting equipment or securing at height as they can spring open or be knocked out.


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