Unemployement rates down in U.S


Unemployement rates down in U.S

  • New employees added by the U.S were less than what was expected but the latest data on job employement showed that unemployement rates in the U.S went down which gave U.S President Barack Obama a new boost to fight against un-employement. In Octobar itself payrolls for non-farm organisations were up by 8000, making a jump on the payrolls amount in September.Analysts have said that though the employement rate will evolve rapidly, but the pace at which the growth will depend is still slow to keep pace with the country’s population.

Libyan dictator Gaddafi captured and killed

  • Libyan rebels captured toppled dictator Muammar Gaddafi in his home town Sirte after taking control over his home town and consequently killed him in bid to take revenge for all the haunting massacre he performed. Though the initial reports claimed that Col Gaddafi was wounded when he was caught but later reports confirmed that he was killed by bullet shots forged into his head. A video showed that Gaddafi before being killed was severely wounded, beaten and mocked by the rebels and that after he died his body was taken on for display to the nearby locals. Even his son Mo’tassim were killed in crossfire when he was trying to escape and that the bodies of both Col Gaddafi and Mo’tassim were buried on an unknown desert location in order to prevent their graves from converting into a shrine by any remaining follower of the dictator. After the news of Gaddafi’s assassination broke out wild celebrations were performed in the city that is being secured by the NTC forces.

Industrial growth improving

  • The industrial production of India expanded but less than what was expected in the August month giving evidences of Asia’s third largest economy’s industrial development slowdown.Industry expert say that the reason for slowdown is the soaring interest rates and high inflation ratio in the country.The growth lagged by 4.1 percent as compare to the growth in the August month but there was only slight improvement in the growth that was calculated in the month of July.

Delivery of arms to Taiwan by U.S moving at snail’s pace

  • Reports say that the transfer of U.S arms to Taiwan is moving at a very slow pace in contrary to what was expected. The chief for the U.S –China ties that slowdown is affecting several major weapons system transfer.The 2011 annual report showed that only 4 out of 60 Hawk helicopters for e.g. were placed in mid October even though the U.S administration informed the makers of the planned sale meant for Taiwan.The lag between the transfer of important and sophisticated weapons to Taiwan may lead to rise of question about the lack of urgency either on the U.S side or Taiwan’s side or for both.

Punjab militancy being revived by ISI

  • As suggested by the U.S reports , the Inter- Services Intelligence of Pakistan is continuing its activities to create instability in India. ISI is a spy agency which has close links with the Islamic terrorist organisation, is now focusing on Khalistani extremist groups to train them and to send them to create terrorism in the Punjab province. In the month of October the terrorist group Lashkar- e – Taiba which is being backed by the ISI agency joined hands with the Khalistani extremist groups Babbar Khalsa to make terror strikes in the Indian state Punjab and in its capital city New Delhi. Their previous attempt of attack was foiled by the security personnel when they caught a huge cache of explosive from a car in Ambala city.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai spoke up in a news conference

  • Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai spoke during a news conference in Kabul about the so called reality check imposed on him as said by U.S secretary of state Hillary Clinton during her visit to Afghanistan. Afghan President Hamid Karzai said that as said he will be cooperating with neighbouring country Pakistan on both the topics related to war and economic development. He further said that he considers its neighbouring country Pakistan as his twin brother and that he will be by Pakistan’s side whenever the former needs any sort of assistance.

7.2 Richter scale earthquake hits Turkey

  • An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale hit Turkey killing a number of people on 23 October. As per the reports approximately 93 people died in the Van province and around 45 died in the Erics district. As the rescue operation is going on it is said that the death toll will rise a bodies will be evacuated from the debris. The earthquake depth was 20 kilometres with its epicentre 16 kilometre away from the Van city’s north east region. Not only this after the massive earthquake the eastern part of Turkey was struck by a series of powerful jolts with their centre in the north of Van that made things worse than ever. After 7.2 , the Turkish region experienced two jolts measured 6 and 5.6 on the Richter scale. Scientists say that turkey is prone to earthquakes as it lies in the major geological fault lines.

Vietnam and Indian signed a total of 6 agreements

  • Vietnam and India have signed a total of six agreements that included joint oil exploration in South China Sea. The agreement was signed during the Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang’s visit to India. The agreement included the following things: Friendship pact Oil exploration in South China Sea The Extradition Treaty between the two countries Cooperation in sports and tourism Not only this both the countries also signed a Security Dialogue between their home ministries. And both the countries have decided to increase their trade target by 8 million dollars by the year 2015. The present trade target is around 2.8 million U.S dollars. And both the countries discussed the situation regarding the Oil exploration on the South China Sea.


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