The Trend Changes in General Studies 2009 Mains Analysis IAS paper UPSC main exam gs 2009


 The Trend Changes in General Studies 2009 Mains

Analysis IAS paper

1. conventional history questions not asked
they gave 3 statements and wanted you to commment on it. also the conventional 5 Freedom movement related 2 markers were absent.

2. there wasn’t much from polity except from ‘voting behavior of indians’

3. the routine computer terminology of 10 marks : absent

4. people thought they’d ask Chandrayaan but they asked Hubble telescope

5. paper -2- many questions on biotech/bioinformatics/ DNA finger print etc etc + 1 conventional question on nanotech.

6. statistic: 2 graph questions – rest stuff was easy as well

7. emphasis on international relation
(both in G/s paper 2 + Essay paper: in GS there were 3 essays that had direct relevence to international relation of india.)

8. in geography it was conventional stuff: wetlands & ecosys, biodiversity etc. people thought they’d ask in detail about monsoon mechanism/ drought/famine but they didnot.
instead there was one question on Meteorological dept.’s work.

9. previous years they’d ask 2 markers / 5 markers ‘defination /terminologies’ from Economy- they didnot do it this time. instead they asked straight 30 marks question – do you think we should stop liberalization after meltdown?

the reason people are saying tough paper because it didnot have the conventional 260 Marks worth Polity +History+Economy combo.
and because nothing that coaching classes considered as imp. was asked.
instead they asked Q? on sports, Television, current affairs. the 2 markers were also unique compared to previous trend.


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