SSB Interview Questions For Army, Navy and Air Force


SSB is the simplest but still the toughest interview. It is due to a wide range of questions and most of them seems to be simple but hard to answer. Personal interview is perceived as a hurdle for most of the candidates. The base of questions asked in interview remains the same, but the pattern of questions changes with time. We are here with some latest questions asked in SSB recently that seemed to be confusing, but can be answered in a simple way.

  1. Tell me, whom you admire the most?
  • This is the question which is followed by ample of questions. Well, I suggest all the aspirants to be careful while answering this question. A quote that explains this correctly is “Tell me whom you admire and I will tell you who you are.” Your answer is probed with some questions like why this person, when did you started admiring him, what qualities have you observed in him etc.
  1. If I ask your mother to define you, what will she say?
  • Follow your self-description to answer this question. But remember one thing, your mother is one who knows you best then any other person. That’s why IO asks for your mother’s views.
  1. How do you help your siblings in their routine works?
  • Your family involvement and causal coordination in relations are analysed through this question. Help in studies, sports, any project making, household works can be assembled in this answer. Or in case of your elder siblings, you can say about his help in your SSB preparation, or guidance in studies, or other general tasks.
  1. What did you learnt here in this SSB or you’re previous SSBs?
  • An interview is scheduled after a stay of some 1-2 days and those days teaches you something. The company of different kind of candidates (your roommates) always teaches you something productive. Cooperation, any special experience, mixing up, taste of diversity or anything else.
  1. Tell me 5 weaknesses of yours and what efforts are you applying to overcome them?
  • Here your introspection matters and the way you present them matters a lot. Having shortcomings is a problem and giving up over them is a big problem. So make efforts to overcome them and be genuine in making and describing them. Like communication skill is a basic shortcoming and best way to overcome it is public discussions, loud readings, listening to English discussions on TV channels etc.
  1. There is a liar friend in every friend circle, how do you manage such kind of people in your friend circle?
  • Everybody manages to stay away from liar, so did you. A person has a friend who is like him. So if you have any liar in your group, then it is a possibility that you can have the same traits. So you have to say that there is nobody like this in my friend circle. But sometimes circumstances appear when misunderstanding dwells among friends. We sort it out by direct conversations. And when I encounter anybody like this, I handle him tactfully.
  1. When did you last fought with your parents or siblings?
  • This question is asked to those candidates who seems to be a bit angry or reckless behaviour. Please reply positively. We never fought with our parents and sibling, but in case of any difference in thoughts or views, we sort it out by discussion. We have a good mutual understanding between us. Remember, fighting is not the end of any situation or problem, rather it build more distances. Discussing calmly can solve the problems.
  1. What is your perception about India’s Government and Defence coordination?
  • To check your general awareness and your observation quality, IO asks some questions that depends on your opinion favoured by clues, facts and examples. The above question is asked in NDA SSB. This can be answered as “Sir, the Government is working in complete coordination with the Defence. Indian defence is getting, what is required and afforded by the government. FDI hike in defence, Rafale deal, Spike Missile, S-400 etc. and several examples are there to judge the coordination”
  1. What things you do to keep yourself fit in this hectic schedule of job?
  • Working candidates are prone to this question. Everybody has his own way of keeping himself fit and healthy. Some manage their diet, while some prefer physical exercise. Some working candidates every burn fats in the gym. But try to prefer running as your best way to keep body healthy. Your time management is also checked through this question.

       10. Did you do any special preparation for SSB?

  • No candidate arrives at SSB without preparation. So, tell him whatever preparation you did. You can say, “I have prepared for SSB by referring to various resources like online articles especially dedicated to SSB interview, studying magazines, reading newspapers, books for SSB, etc.

       11. What are your strengths?

  • This is a commonly asked question at SSB. You are expected to know your skills and strengths such as technical knowledge, computer skills, personal abilities (like punctuality, honesty, dedication, leadership quality, etc.) and transferable skills such as analytical skills, decision-making, planning ability, etc.
  • You cannot just list out these qualities. IO will ask you to narrate any situation where you used these skills. So, think before you speak and only say that which is true.

       12. What motivates you to opt for defence forces?

  • As you’ve chosen defence service as your career, you need to know why and what motivated you to take this decision.
  • Talk about what made you incline towards defence forces at the very beginning, when you firmly decided to take it as a career and who keeps you motivated to chase this dream job (parents, any defence Officer you’ve met or personally know, friends with the same goal, etc.)

        13. Is AFCAT exam same as NDA exam and CDSE?

  • AFCAT stands for Air Force Common Admission Test and it is completely dedicated to Indian Air Force. Through this exam, a candidate can join IAF in Flying, Technical or Ground Duty branch. This exam is conducted by Indian Air Force twice a year.
  • NDA (National Defence Academy) Exam and CDSE, both are conducted by UPSC of India to recruit candidates into one of the three wings i.e., Army, Navy or Air Force depending on candidate’s choice, merit and vacancy. Both CDS and NDA exams are conducted to recruit officers in IAF for FLYING BRANCH ONLY, meaning only as pilots. If a candidate wants to join other branches of IAF, then he/she needs to apply for AFCAT.

         14. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

  • IO wants to ascertain your self-motivation and foresightedness about the career you are opting for. Do not provide one line answer like, “I see myself as an Officer”. Be comprehensive and precise. You could say “In 5 years, I see myself as a team member of defence forces, working hard to enhance my knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering (or any other) and trying to upgrade my skills.”
  • This doesn’t stop here. IO will further ask you questions about what skills you want to upgrade. How you will enhance your knowledge? You can say, after joining defence, you would like to do professional courses & cadres, take knowledge from seniors in the same unit, undergo training for hands-on experience, do specialisation (R&D) in your field, etc.

         15. Why did you opt for the Air Force only? Why not Navy or Army?

  • This question can be posed for any wing that you’ve applied for. You need to be specific and honest as to why you really chose that specific wing. Answer could be along these lines, “all the three services are exceptionally good. However, I am and was always more inclined towards Air Force ever since I saw few of my family members (or someone you know) in the Air Force’s branch. I got to know about their lifestyle, challenges and that’s when I decided to go for the Air Force. On the contrary, I am slightly less familiar with the environment of other two wings.”

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