Some of the Important Ministries-Departments


Some of the Important Ministries/Departments


  • Ministry of Agriculture (Krishi Mantralaya)

(i)     Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (Krishi aur Sahkarita Vibhag)
(ii)    Department of Agricultural Research and Education (Krishi Anusandhan aur Shiksha Vibhag)
(iii)    Department of Animal Husbandry & Fisheries Dairying (Pashupalan Dairy aur Matsyapalan Vibhag)

  • Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers

(iv)   Department of Chemicals and Petro-Chemicals (Rasayan aur Petro – Rasayan Vibhag)
(v)    Department of Fertilizers (Urvarak Vibhag)
(vi)   Department of Pharmaceuticals

  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Vanijya aur Udyog Mantralaya)

(vii)   Department of Commerce (Vanijya Vibhag)
(viii)  Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (Audyogik Niti aur Samvardhan Vibhag)

  • Ministry of Communications &

Inf-ormation                     Technology
(Sanchar           aur              Soochana

Praudyogiki Mantralaya)

(i)   Department of Telecommuni-cations (Doorsanchar Vibhag)
(ii)  Department of Posts
(iii)    Department of Information Tech-nology (Soochana Praudyogiki Vibhag)

  • Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution (Upbhokta Mamle, Khadya aur Sarvajanik Vitaran Mantralaya)

(iv)   Department of Consumer Affairs (Upbhokta Mamle Vibhag)
(v)    Department of Food and Public Distribution (Khadya aur Sarvajanik Vitaran Vibhag)

  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Korporate Karya Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Culture (Sanskriti Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Defence (Raksha Mantralaya)

    (i)     Department of Defence (Raksha Vibhag)
    (ii)    Department of Defence Production (Raksha Utpadan aur Aapoorti Vibhag)
    (iii)    Departmeht of Defence Research and Development (Raksha Anusandhan aur Vikas Vibhag)
    (iv)   Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare

    • Ministry of Development of North-Eastern Region (Uttar Poorvi Kshetra Vikas Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Earth Sciences (Bhoo Vigyan Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Finance (Vitta Mantralaya)

    (i)     Department of Economic Affairs (Arthik Karya Vibhag)
    (ii)  Department of Expenditure (Vyaya Vibhag)
    (iii)    Department of Revenue (Rajaswa Vibhag)
    (iv)   Department of Financial Services (Vittiya Sewayen Vibhag)
    (v)  Department of Disinvestment

    • Ministry of Food Processing Industries (Khadya Prasanskaran Udyog Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Swasthya aur Parivar Kalyan Mantralaya)

    (vi)   Department of Health and Family Welfare (Swasthya aur Parivar Kalyan Vibhag)
    (vii)   Department of Ayurveda, YogaNaturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH )
    (viii)Department of AIDS Control
    (ix)   Department of Health Research

    • Ministry of Home Affairs (Grih Mantralaya)

    (x)    Department of Internal Security (Antarik Suraksha Vibhag)
    (xi)   Department of States (Rajya Vibhag)
    (xii)   Department of Official Language (Raj Bhasha Vibhag)
    (xiii)  Department of Home (Grih Vibhag)
    (xiv)  Department of Jammu and Kashmir Affairs (Jammu tatha Kashmir Vibhag)
    (xv)  Department of Border Managem-ent (Seema Prabandhan Vibhag)

    • Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (Aawas aur Shahari Garibi Upshaman Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Human Resource Development(Manav Sansadhan Vikas Mantralaya)

    (xvi)  Department of School Education and Literacy (School Shiksha aur Saksharta Vibhag)
    (xvii) Department of Higher Education
    (Uchchatar Shiksha Vibhag)

    • Ministry of Law and Justice (Vidhi aur Nyaya Mantralaya)

    (xix)Department of Legal Affairs
    (xx)  Legislative Department
    (iii) Department of Justice (Nyaya Vibhag)

    • Ministry of Mines (Khan Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Minority Affairs

    (Alpasankhyak                            Karya


    • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (Naveen Aur Navikarniya Oorja Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Overseas Indiais Affairs (Apravasi Bharatiyon Ke Mamalon Ka Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Karmik Lok Shikayat tatha Pension Mantralaya)

    (i)     Department of Personnel and Training (Karmik aur Prashikshan Vibhag)
    (ii)    Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances
    (iii)    Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare (Pension aur Pension Bhodi Kalyan Vibhag)

    • Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (Petroleum aur Prakritik Gas Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Science and

    Technology            (Vigyan              our

    Praudyogiki Mantralaya)

    (i)     Department of Science and Tech
    (ii)    Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
    (iii)  Department of Bio-Tech

    • Ministry of Power (Oorja Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Rural Development (Gramin Vikas Mantralaya)

    (iv)Department of Rural Developm-
    -ent (Gramin Vikas Vibhag)
    (vi)   Department of Land Resources
    (Bhumi Sansadhan Vibhag)

    • Ministry of Ste& (Ispat Mantralaya)
    • Ministry of Urban Development
    • Ministry of Water Resources

    CENTRAL GOVERNMENT (Independent Departments)

    • Department of Atomic Energy
    • Department of Space


    • Planning Commission
      • Cabinet Secretariat
      • President’s Secretariat
      • Prime Minister’s Office (PM())


  1. sir iam serching the job for indian navy ,govt given a letter for those people to govt released the any other deligations just like ,medical or indicipline etc.


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