Rules for earning money in gold and silver


Rules for earning money in gold and silver trading

Sep 10, 2012)

rules for earning money in gold
rules for earning money in gold

Basic Rules for earning money in gold and silver

  • Now a days you can do trading in each and every thing
  • Even you can sell a thing which does not exist now!!!!

Let me explain this:
Basic rate and future gold trading story (crudeexample  explain for basic)
You can sell your crop to trader or big merchant with some basic pre-defined rate and when you harvest crop that crop directly sell to that particular merchant.
Now the game begins.The reason behind that is To secure some rate and fight against sudden downfall of rate, however our Indian government provide some basic rate that gives security to farmers.
Now coming to basic core of article of gold

About buying the gold

This article will give you key when to buy gold-a proper time to buy

  • Don’t believe in any rumour about rocket growth in gold
  • When gold silver rate on fire,  just wait for a month.
  • Before buying for long time invests check an average rate of one year gold.
  • Check the lowest rate of 52 week, that is 52 week low. Showing that how much is gold fundamentally strong.
  • check the any new election result is about to come ,election result may give a big push or a big fall.
  • Don’t invest a time when government is about to change or any big political change possible, that is because of the political movement can decrease of increase gold rate and this may be risky for new investor.
  • Invest in gold if you are buying for long time,that mean for 5 years or 10 years.
  • Ultimately gold rate in rising and rising,so you can invest at nat time bou that is true only for long time invest.
  • If you are investing in both gold and silver then silver is good to invest than gold.

Explanation in deep with example
Don’t buy gold when each and every body saying gold in raising, when everybody is investing that means this round must be stop at some time.So buy gold at the minimum price.
Example of 2012,
Current example:gold is on fire this time in august 2012,September 2012
Now this time is called peak of gold rate.

  • If you buy on this level and sudden fall happens than what to do?
  • If gold start falling from this rate can you imagine the lowest rate from 32000 – 33000 can you imagine downfall?
  • I can say that it can fall up to 26000
  • Yes it can fall and will go to 26000!!!!!
  • That means downfall of 5000 rupees may possible in gold rate.
  • If gold price start decreasing from 2013 then who will lose most?

People like us will lose , because now we common people starting investing.So rule explains that doesn’t jump when each public is talking and rate on fire, just wait for little decrease and then invest.

Stop loss in gold silver and short time trading

Question)But what is gold rate only increasing through months  and months??
Answer)Then I can say you to do invest on short time base, that is daily base or weekly base.But when you investing on daily base never forget to put stop loss,It is possible that your stop loss trigger but you are safe from major loss in gold and silver