Revision Xpress (IBPS PO Main) : Aug – 9


Dear Aspirants,

We have started a new initiative for the Quick Revision of General Awareness MCQs of the month. The exclusive series of posts christened as “Revision Xpress (IBPS PO Main)”. This new initiative has been started thinking our aspirants who are going to appear for the IBPS PO Main Exam. Make most of it.

Here is the post of the Revision Xpress (IBPS PO Main), named as Revision Xpress (IBPS PO Main) : Aug – 09.

1. Rohan Bopanna and Divij Sharan won gold medal in men’s doubles event of which of the following games at the 18th Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta?
1) Badminton
2) Squash
3) Snooker
4) Table tennis
5) Tennis

2. India won silver medal in women’s Kabaddi final after losing to which country in the final at the Asian Games 2018?
1) Iran
2) Pakistan
3) Bangladesh
4) Malaysia
5) Japan

3. The Nallur Kantha Swamy festival started in which of the following countries recently?
1) Myanmar
2) Nepal
3) Bhutan
4) Sri Lanka
5) Indonesia

4. A powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck along Peru’s border with Brazil recently. The capital of Peru is
1) Bamako
2) Maputo
3) Lima
4) Baku
5) Manama

5. _____ has been appointed the head of the group of ministers set up to advise PM Narendra Modi on whether to continue with or withdraw from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) negotiations.
1) Nirmala Sitharaman
2) Suresh Prabhu
3) Nitin Gadkari
4) Arun Jaitley
5) Ananth Kumar

6. The state cabinet in which state recently gave its approval to waiving Rs 301.63 bn farm loans in respect of nationalised or commercial banks?
1) Kerala
2) Karnataka
3) Tamil Nadu
4) Odisha
5) Rajasthan

7. Which of the following cities hosted the sixth edition of International Buddhist Conclave 2018?
1) Patna
2) Lucknow
3) Rajgir
4) New Delhi
5) Shimla

8. Who among the following has been appointed as the brand ambassador of the Mumbai-based Sanjay Gandhi National Park?
1) Priyanka Chopra
2) Sonam Kapoor
3) Sonali Bendre
4) Madhuri Dixit
5) Raveena Tandon

9. The six northern states and the Union Territory of Chandigarh have decided to set up a centralised secretariat to fight drug menace in which city?
1) Panchkula (Haryana)
2) Patiala (Punjab)
3) Patna (Bihar)
4) Lucknow (UP)
5) Bhopal (MP)

10. Which country recently announced that it has successfully tested hypersonic aircraft which Xingkong-2?
1) Russia
2) North Korea
3) China
4) Iran
5) South Korea

11. Former President Pranab Mukherjee has launched which mobile application that allows voters to rate and review their political representatives?

12. Which of the following airlines operator in India will fly the country’s first flight using biofuel?
1) Air India
2) IndiGo
3) GoAir
4) SpiceJet
5) Jet Airways

13. 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Peace Mission held in
1) Kyrgyzstan
2) China
3) India
4) Tajikistan
5) Russia

14. The multi-State Cooperative Society under Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED) is headquartered in
1) Gurugram
2) New Delhi
3) Panchkula
4) Bengaluru
5) Gwalior

15. Which Space Agency has successfully launched wind-sensing satellite named Aeolus into orbit on board of Vega rocket?
1) European Space Agency

16. The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has recently approved procurement of how many 155 mm Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems for Indian Army at approximate cost of Rs 3,364.78 crores?
1) 100
2) 120
3) 150
4) 200
5) 500

17. Which Indian armed force has recently launched Trans-Himalayan Mountain Terrain Biking Expedition (THE MTB) as part of its celebration of 86th Anniversary on Oct 08, 2018?
1) Indian Army
2) Indian Air Force
3) Indian Navy
4) Indian Coastal Guard
5) None of these

18. Which among the following is not the full member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)?
1) India
2) China
3) Russia
4) Iran
5) Kazakhstan

19. India’s first captive-born Humboldt Penguin passed away. He was named
1) Freedom Penguin
2) Independence Penguin
3) Independent Baby
4) Indian Baby
5) Freedom Baby

20. The International Water Colour Festival 2018 held in which Indian cities?
1) Ranchi
2) Bhopal
3) Indore
4) Varanasi
5) Mathura

21. The third edition of Indian Ocean Conference held recently in
1) Italy
2) Vietnam
3) Japan
4) Sri Lanka
5) India

22. India’s first interstate connected wind power project commissioned in
1) Gandhinagar
2) Amritsar
3) Bhuj
4) Varanasi
5) Tirunelveli

23. Which IIT has recently launched an exclusive incubator ‘Fabless Chip Design Incubator (FabCI)’ to boost chip design?
1) IIT Bengaluru
2) IIT Delhi
3) IIT Kharagpur
4) IIT Hyderabad
5) IIT Ranchi

24. Who has been named the 2018 Game Changer of the Year award?
1) Indra Nooyi
2) Anil Ambani
3) Kokos Jiang
4) Mira Rai
5) None of these

25. Which country has won the 2018 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup?
1) Spain
2) France
3) Brazil
4) England
5) Japan

26. The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), one of India’s premier avian research institutes, will start operating its first regional centre or avi-fauna observatory on the campus of Wetland Research and Training Centre near Chilika Lake. Chilika Lake is in
1) Gujarat
2) Tamil Nadu
3) Odisha
4) Arunachal Pradesh
5) Uttrakhand

27. Who has been appointed as Secretary, Department of Defence R&D and Chairman, DRDO?
1) Dr S Christopher
2) Dr Manas K Mandal
3) Tessy Thomas
4) Dr G. Satheesh Reddy
5) None of these

28. The union ministry of home affairs (MHA) revoked security clearance of which government’s state-funded English news broadcaster?
1) Afghanistan
2) Iraq
3) Italy
4) Qatar
5) Pakistan

29. India and which country has recently signed second protocol amending Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) in New Delhi?
1) Australia
2) US
3) Japan
4) China
5) Singapore

30. Who has authored the latest book, “Atal Ji Ne Kaha” on the BJP patriarch and former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee?
1) Narendra Modi
2) Brijendra Rehi
3) Ramachandra Guha
4) Injeti Srinivas
5) K V R Murty


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