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There are two types of banks in India on the basis of ownership viz. Public Sector banks and Private Sector banks. We have covered these two categories in our post ” Difference Between Nationalised, Public And Private Sector Bank ” in detail. In this post, we will walk you through Private Sector Banks Logo and Slogan. Before that , let us give you a brief about these two categories of banks.

  • Public sector banks are those where majority of the stake in the bank is held by government where as in private sector bank, majority is held by share holders of the bank. i.e. private lenders.
  • There are at present 13 Old Private Sector Banks and 7 New Private Sector Banks. You must be wondering what are these Old and New Private Sector Banks. Let us explain that first before moving any forward.  
  • A total of 20 private banks were nationalized in India under the “Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertaking) Bill”. 14 private banks were nationalized in 1969 and another 6 were nationalized in 1980.
  • Only the largest 14 private banks were nationalised through the act of Parliament in 1969. So another interesting question, why were some private banks left out from the nationalization process?
  • Some banks were left out because they were either very small, too specialist in their functioning or have a very regional focus to be included in Nationalised Banks.
  • The old private sector banks are those which existed before the nationalization in 1969 and kept their independence. The new private sector banks are those that got their banking licence after the liberalization of the Indian economy in the early 1990 with a precondition that all their operations will be fully automated.

Yes, we know you must be wondering why we have mentioned just 12 private banks instead of the 14 that got nationalized. It is because Imperial Bank got nationalized in 1955, making it the State Bank of India which is now a Public Sector Bank. Also ING Vysya Bank was acquired by Kotak Mahindra Bank making it New Private Sector Bank.

Now let us come to our main area of interest i.e. Private Sector Banks Logo and Slogan. We have bifurcated the information according to old and new private sector banks. Hope this piece of information helps you in your exam !!

Old Private Sector Banks



Pictorial Logo


Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd.

Curves which form C,S and B


Support all the way

City Union Bank Ltd.



Trust and Excellence since 1904

Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd

Goddess Lakshmi Colour of the logo was changed to Purple recently which signifies  wealth and prosperity



Federal Bank Ltd

Bank’s name in Capital Letters


Your perfect banking partner

Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd

The three (representing Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh) colored squares forming falcon with outstretched wings. The symbol represents power
and empowerment


Serving to empower

Karnataka Bank Ltd.

One triangle with another inverted triangle
over it. It is the symbol of Lord Ganesha


Your family Bank across India

Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.

Initials in English within two semi circles (one big and other small)


Smart way to bank

Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd.

Goddess Laxmi enclosed in a circle

  The changing face of prosperity

Nainital Bank Ltd. (subsidiary of Bank of Baroda)

A boat and mountains with coins of various denomination engulfing from both the sides 


Banking with personal touch

RBL Bank 

Alphabets r and b in small letters. r in red and b in blue


Apno ka bank

South Indian Bank Ltd.

Two hands strongly clasping on to the pillar. Customers on top and the bank employees below


Experience Next Generation

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd.

Initials in English


Be a step ahead of life

New Private Sector Banks



Pictorial Logo


Axis Bank Ltd.

Alphabet A

Badhti ka nam zindagi

Development Credit Bank Ltd.

DCB (Acronym)

We value you

HDFC Bank Ltd.

A blue square enclosed within four open gateways

Bank apki mutthi mein 

ICICI Bank Ltd.

A man’s figure in the form of alphabet I

Khayaal Apka;

Hum hai na

IndusInd Bank Ltd.

Zebu bull that is a symbol of leadership


We Care… Dil Se;

We Make You Feel Richer

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. (ING Vysya Bank Ltd.)

Infinite ‘Ka’ symbolises infinite ways to meet variety of needs 

Lets make money simple

Yes Bank Ltd

Red Tick mark

Experience our expertise

Few Facts about Private Sector Banks

  • Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) Limited was the first private bank in India to receive license from RBI.
  • ICICI Bank is India’s largest private sector bank as of 2016.
  • Axis Bank Bank has its ATM at Thegu near the Nathula Pass in Sikkim making it the highest altitude ATM in India.
  • Sangli Bank merged with ICICI Bank in 2006.
  • Lord Krishna Bank merged with Centurion Bank of Punjab in 2007.
  • HDFC Bank acquired Centurion Bank of Punjab in 2008.
  • HDFC  recently launched a product of Personal loan called “SWIFT” 

P.S.  -The information is based on the data provided by Department of Financial Services , Ministry of Finance. All the logos have been taken from Bank’s official websites.


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