Plant Protection in india

  • Plant Protection

  • Plant Protection plays a significant role in achieving targets of crop production. The major thrust areas of plant protection are promotion of Integrated Pest Management ensuring availability of safe and quality pesticide to protect crops from the ravages of pests and diseases, and administration of quarantine measures for eliminating the chances of entry of exotic pests.
  • Seeds

•                    Seeds is a critical and basic input for enhancing
agricultural production and productivity in different agro-climatic regions.

Indian Seeds Programme includes the participation of Central and State Government, ICAR, State Agricultural Universities system, public sector, cooperative sector and private sector institutions. Seed sector in India consists of two national level corporations i.e. National Seeds Corporation (NSC) and State Farms Corporation of India (SFCI), State Seed Corporations (SSCs) and Seed Companies.


  • Department of Agriculture and Cooperation has taken initiative to develop data structure in the form of Kisan Knowledge Management System (KKMS) which will facilitate KCC agents to provide correct answers to the farmers queries.


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