Performance Management

  • Performance Management
    • The Prime Minister approved the outline of the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES) for Government Departments on September, 2009.
    • Performance Management Division in the Cabinet Secretariat is responsible for this activity through the mechanism called Results-Framework Documents.
    • At the beginning of each financial year, with the approval of the Minister concerned with Department is required to prepare a Results-Framework Document (RED) consisting of the priorities set out by the Minister concerned, agenda as spelt out by the Govt. from time to time.
    • PMD has undertaken various initiatives relating to overall improvement in the functioning of the Govt departments, which are :
    • Implementation of 2nd ARC Recommendations : ARC-II in its report on “Organisational Structure of Govt. of India” interalia recommended that Govt. of India should primarily focus on core functions and that it should, at all levels are guided by the principle of subsidiarity. It was further recommended that there is a need to carry out a detailed analysis of the functions in each Ministry/Department which would help the ministries to prepare an action plan for delegating implementations activities and non-core activities to attached and subordinate offices.

ii)      Performance Related Incentives (PRI) : PRI is defined as part of pay which is awarded each year depending on performance. The scheme is applied at the individual employee level and at the team/group level.
iii)     Performance Appraisal Report (PAR) System : For the conceptual and procedural flows in the performance evaluation methodology of PAR System, a set of corrective measures is being proposed by PMD.
iv)     Operationalizing Sevottam` : The PMD, in partnership with Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, has decided to operationalize the concept of ‘Sevottaml through the mechanism of Results-Framework Document. Assistance to other countries : At the request of SAARC Cabinet Secretaries, India organized a SAARC workshop on PMES/RFD.
v)     Implementing e-Office system developed by the NIC.
vi)     In order to foster a regular dialogue on matters relating to performance management in govt. and to promote knowledge sharing in this area, the PMD,. Cabinet Secretariat is regularly bringing out a quarterly Newsletter titled “Performance Matters” since April, 2009.


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