Legislature-Rajya Sabha-Lok Sabha



  • Legislature of the Union which is called Parliament, consists of President and two Houses (Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha). Each house has to meet within 6 months of previous sitting.

 Rajya Sabha

  • The Constitution provides that the Rajya Sabha shall consist of 250 members of which 12 members shall be nominated by the President from Literature, Science, Art and Social Service fields, remaining 238 representatives of the states and the UTs. Elections to Rajya Sabha are held indirectly for states and those representing UT’s are chosen by a law prescribed by the Parliament.
  • The Rajya Sabha is not subject to dissolution : one-

third of its members retire every second year

  • Rajya Sabha, at present, has 243 seats. Of these 233 members represent the States and UTs and 10 member have been nominated by the President.

Lok Sabha

  • The maximum strength of Lok Sabha envisaged by the Constitution is now 552. (530 from states + 20 from UT’s + not than 2 nominated Anglo-Indians by the President).


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