Composition of Legislative Councils

  • Composition of Legislative Councils
    • Members eiected by the Legislative Assembly members — 1/3
    • Members of Local Bodies — 1/3
    • Persons who has .3 years of
    • teaching experiE,,,rice              1/12
      • Registered graduates               1/12
      • Members nominated by Governor from Literature, Science, art, social service and Cooperative movement 1/6
      • In Bihar, .j&K, Karnataka, Maharashtra and U.P., there are two houses known as LegislativE. Council and Legislative Assembly. In the remaining states, there is only one House known as legislative assembly.
      • Legislative Council of a State comprises not than 1/3 of total number of members in Legislative assembly of the state and in no case less than 40 members. (Legislative council of Jammu & Kashmir has 36 members only vide Section 50 of the Constitution of J&K).
      • Legislative Councils are not subject to dissolution but one-third of their members retire every second year.
      • Legislative Assembly of a State consists of not than 500 and not less than 60 members. (Legislative Assembly. of Sikkim has 32 members vide Article 371F of the Constitution).
      • Ferm of an Assembly is five years unless it is dissolved earfier.


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