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[CONQUER YOUR BRAIN] for UPSC preparation
Your tips and suggestions are most welcome. Now mine, Based on personal experience. (I was involved in almost all of them but I changed after failing in 2008’s prelim, and so should you for 2010’s prelim)


·       Sometimes you’ll feel completely bored and wanting to quit, in such case either take a little break or change the reading topic / watch news channel. (taking a little break doesn’t mean skipping reading for entire day.)
·       Don’t stop reading on any day thinking that you’ll do it once you’re in ‘mood / tempo’ next day. Because that ‘tomorrow ’ never comes.
·       Avoid people / issues/ places that spoil your mood.

Put mobile on silent

1.    Everyone has a friend who ‘chain(group)  sms’ jokes and shayaries  everyday.
2.    If you’re that friend by yourself- stop that activity. It’s a behavior unsuitable for an officer.
3.    Put your mobile on silence (at least for the SMS) – so they don’t divert your brain.
4.    Don’t feel compelled to reply to every missed call / sms.
5.    Don’t pick up phones of ‘chipku’ people (those who talk just for time pass.) and if you’re that guy and refer point#2.


1.    Don’t feel compelled to log into your account everyday
2.    Its not important to know who visited your profile
3.    You wouldn’t die if you don’t upload new wallpaper / music video / change your profile picture in it everyday
4.    Chain scraps/message/emails
  1. Send this to 5 people and your wish would come true
  2. Send this to 10 people and xyz woman whose husband is ill will get money from yahoo.
  3. If you believe in such crap, refer point#2 of mobile phones.
5.    every time some random person sends you friendship request, you don’t have to log into your account, accept his/her friendship and check his profile.
6.    Its not a bad manner if you don’t reply to every scrap / message wishing you ‘good morning’ and ‘how are you?’
7.    For about interacting with people refer the last topic of this post.


·       Don’t keep looking at the watch
o       I’ve been reading for 1 hour now let me take a break)
o       I had read for 18 hours yesterday so its ok if I read only 5 hours today.
·       Finish the topic, not the time.

Avoid movies

·       You watch a movie for 3 hours. Then you don’t waste 3 hours because after the movie – you can’t immediately concentrate on studies as your brain will keep thinking about it like
o       That scene was cool
o       If I was hero/ villain I would have done this etc.etc.
o       So it’ll be 3+2 = 5 hours of wastage.

Avoid wedding, parties, social gathering

·       When you go to parties / wedding functions / other social gathering, you’ll meet friends and then all the talk starts “
o       he was saying this about you
o       she said that about you
o       he got job / promotion
o       she got visa / green card/ plump job in US .
o       he bought new car/bike/mobile
o       some guy failed in UPSC and wasted 3 years so you shouldn’t do it. blah..blah..blah..
all such things divert your brain to unimportant issues and reduce your concentration on studies later on. And again if you come back from the place, you can’t immediately resume your studies, because your brain is still wandering in those things.
Your tips and suggestions are most welcome.


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