IP canonicalization and Domain Canonicalization Issues


IP canonicalization – the term canonicalization is hard to pronounce. Read it like canon-ical-ization to make it easy. Canonicalization for SEO is important because the basic model of search engine is dependent on original and most accurate results for the end user. If the result appeared in a search result is not as expected then there are always many options available and no search engine would want to get their market share eaten up by someone else.

What if we avoid IP Canonicalization Issues?

When we search we type some keyword and get best possible websites as outcome. All the results may contain similar information websites or web pages will be different. In case of Canonicalization we should be able to open a website with or without www prefix and this will be considered as duplicate website. Additionally, we might also be able to open website via IP address of that website. Now we have one website that can be open by three different URLs (www, without www and with IP address). Now which website you will list on a search engine. The search engine will consider these as three different websites with duplicate copies of each reducing the website’s visibility in search results.

Solution to Canonicalization

The best way is to submit one website and redirect other two on the submitted domain. This will resolve the issue of duplication and help search engine recognize the website along with considering it one single domain.


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