International Year of Cooperatives

  • UN declared year 2012 as ” International Year of Cooperatives”
  • Per hectare consumption of pesticides in India during 2008 was 381g against the world average of 500g.
  • Rice is the highest pesticide consuming crop (25.9 % of total

pesticides) in the country.

  • Frizwal hybrid of Deshi Sahiwal cow has been developed recently, whose one lactation period milk yield is about 3600 litres.
  • India is the first nation in world to develop hybrid cotton variety H 4 in 1970, pearl millet hybrid HB 1 in 1965, CSH -1 sorghum hybrid in 1964, castor (GCH-3) and pigeon pea hybrid (ICPH 8 in 1991) & second to develop hybrid rice after China in 1994.
  • India’s first safflower hybrid was DSH-129, first mustard hybrid was NRCHB -506.
  • The world’s first high yielding aromatic basmati rice Pusa Basmati; first amber colored commercial Triticale variety DT 46; the first composite maize varieties Vijay, Kisan, Jawahar and Vikram; the first hybrids of mango Amrapali and Malika, have all been developed at the IARI, New Delhi. ECONOMY  CONSTITUTION  INDIA IAS NCERT DOWNLOAD BLOG


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