Inter-State Council and its mechanism


Inter-State Council


Inter-State Council and its mechanism


  • Article 263 of the Constitution envisages establishment of an institutional mechanism to facilitate coordination of policies and their implementation between Union and State Governments.
  • In pursuance of the recommendation made by the Sarkaria Commission on Centre State Relations, the Inter State Council was set up in 1990 through a Presidential Order dated May 28, 1990.

 The iSC is a recommendatory body and has been assigned the duties of investigating and

  • discussing such subecs, in which some or al; the States or the Union.
  • Prime Minister is the Chairman of the Council.
  • The Standing Committee of the ISC was first constituted in the year 1996 for continuous consultation and processing of matters for the consideration of the Council. Home Minister is the Chairman of the Standing Committee and has 5 Union Cabinet Ministers and 9 Chief Ministers as members. The Inter-State Councii has recently been reconstituted.
  • The ISC Secretariat is also providing secretariat support services to the Committee for consultations on the sAuations in Andhra Pradesh, which has been set up by the Union Govt. in February, 2010 under the Chairmanship of Shri Justice B. N. Srikrishna, to hold wide ranging consultations, with all sections of the people and all political parties and groups in Andhra Pradesh.

As per the decision taken by the Govt. recently, the Inter-State Council Secretariat is also functioning as the Secretariat of the Zonal Councils aid toe work handled in the Zonal Council Secretariat has been transferred to the Inter-State Council Secretariat from i.4,2011,


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