Integrated Nutrient Management


Integrated Nutrient Management

  • India is the third largest producer of Fertilizers after China and USA and second largest consumer after China in the world.
  • The nutrient consumption was 26.49 million tonnes during 2009-10.
  • All India Fertilizer consumption in 2009-10 was 135.27 kg; ha of NPK nutrition.
  • Presently, urea is the only fertilizer which is under statutory price control. Urea, the most consumed fertilizer, is subsidizedunder the New Urea Pricing Scheme. The price of urea has been increased by 10 per cent from 1st April 2010.
    • The Government ensures the quality of fertilizers through Fertilizer (Control) Order, issued under Essential Commodities Act to reglate the trade, price, quality and distribution of fertilizers in the country. The Central Fertilizer Quality Control and Training Institute at Faridabad, and its three regional
      • Post Harvest Technology and Management “Reforming Agricultural Markets and promoting post harvest technology” has been identified as the thrust areas of the Ministry of Agriculture by the PMO. According the Department os implementing a new scheme on Post Harvest Technology and Management during XIth plan.
      • State Agro Industries Corporations : The Govt. of India had advised the State Governments in the year 1964 to set up State Agro Industries Corporations (SAICs) in the public sector to act as catalysts in providing access to industrial inputs for farmers, for their use in agriculture. Thus, SAICs were set up in the joint sector.
      • Legislative Framework : The Dangerous Machines (Regulations) Act, 1983 came into force w.e.f. December 1983. The Act provides for the regulation of trade and commerce and production, supply and use of products of any industry producing dangerous machines with a view to securing the welfare of persons operating any machine and for payment of compensation for death or bodily injury suffered while operating any such machine.
      National Mission on Micro Irrigation

      • A centrally sponsored scheme launched in January, 2006 on the recommendation of the Task Force on Micro Irrigation. The Scheme is continuing in Mission Mode since June, 2010 as the “National Mission on Micro Irrigation”.
      • The scheme has popularized the use of MI technology to enhance water use efficiency in agriculture and has found wide acceptability among the farmers.

      New Scheme on Vegetable Initiative for Urban Clusters

      • A new scheme launched during 2011-12, within the overall aegis of RKSY.

      New Scheme of Saffron Mission

      • Department of Agriculture and Cooperation has initiated a Saffron Mission to be implemented during 2010 to 2014.

      laboratories at Navi Mumbai, Chennai and Kalyani have been set up for inspection and analysis of both imported and indigenous fertilizers, giving technical advice and providing training on Fertilizer Quality Control to State Enforcement Agencies and Analysis.

      • Government of India is promoting the concept of Balanced Use of Fertilizers and also advocating the concept of soil test based fertilizer use. During the eleventh plan, a new scheme titled “National Project on Management of Soil Health and Fertility has been introduced.
      • National Project on Promotion of Organic Farming With the view to promote organic farming practices, to reduce the burden on Chemical Fertilizers, to ensure effective utilization of farm resources


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