Indore: Take precautions this Diwali


Preparations are on full swing for Diwali festival, which falls on Wednesday. Fire crackers are lit on Diwali. Lighting fire crackers are a bold and beautiful way to celebrate the festival but it is important to exercise caution, otherwise a fun celebration can turn into a situation of emergency.

Purchase, storage of crackers

  • Purchase crackers from authorised dealers. Read all descriptions and labels before purchasing fireworks. Be aware of special effects such as sparks on lighting, colour changes, sirens, spinning. Know what to expect.
  • Crackers can ignite with single spark. Make sure to store them in a sealed container of wood or hard plastic, which can resist light sparks and electric current. Storing them in standard cardboard boxes is risky and should be avoided

Who should avoid lighting crackers?

  • Asthma patients should stay away from smoke and dust
  • Diabetic patients should take extra precaution to avoid injuries
  • Patients wearing contact lenses can have irritation in eyes
  • Patients who use hearing aid/ devices should not risk their ears by bursting crackers n Children should stay away from firecrackers

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Keep water and sand bucket ready for accident
  2. Keep first aid box ready and rush to nearby hospital in case of injuries
  3. Wear thick cotton clothes, avoid wearing synthetic clothes
  4. Light crackers from a safe distance. Instead of match sticks use punk sticks, which are cheap and safe
  5. Protect eyes and ears with safety goggles and ear plugs
  6. Burst cracker in an open area
  7. Keep crackers away from matchbox, candles or diyas
  8. Keep children away from firecrackers
  9. In case of a fire incident, inform police and fire brigade


  1. Don’t burst firecrackers indoor
  2. Don’t play or fiddle with cracker that has not burst after being lit
  3. Don’t cover crackers in glass or tin boxes for sound effects
  4. Never ignite crackers in your hands
  5. Don’t use crackers for pranks
  6. Don’t burst fire cracker near hospitals or near any unaware person, it may lead to an accident
  7. Don’t try to make crackers by yourself

In case of injury

  • When clothes catch fire, don’t run and cover the person with a bed sheet or cloth n If sparkles fall in eyes, immediately consult eye specialist
  • Clean injured area with cool water and place ice on it. Do first aid, then consult doctor


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