EUROPEAN UNION PROFILE Capital – Brussels Official Languages- 23

Al present, pilots of solar electrification project are being run in about 30 villages of M.P., Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir.


EUROPEAN UNION PROFILE Capital – Brussels Official Languages- 23President of the Council- Herman Van Rompuy
Area- 4,324,782 km=
Population- 503,492,041
GDP (nominal)- $17.577 trillion

The relationship between India and the EU dates back to the estab­lishment of diplomatic ties with the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1963. While EU is one of the larg­est trade partners of India, however, it is only recently that a new, Political dimension was added to the relationship. In 2004, the Fifth India­EU Summit meeting at The, Hague endorsed the proposal to upgrade the lndia-EU relationship to the level of a ‘Strategic Partnership and a Joint Action Plan (JAP) was adopted at the sixth India-EU Summit meeting held in. New Delhi in 2005. The JAP pro-‘,ides for Strengthening Dialogue and Consultation mechanisms; Deepening Political dialogue and cooperation;ringing together People and Cultures; enhancing Economic Policy Dialogue.
Norway to step up Solar Funding in India : Dunng the recent visit of Norwegian Minister for Environment & International Development Mr. Eric Solheim to India, he said that Norway is keen to increase its investments in the Indian renewable energy sector. The Norwegian Government is in talks with the Ministry of New and Renew­able Energy (MNRE) to scale up the solar village electnfication projects in States such as Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. Norway is a front runner in the renewable energy and is one of the world’s largest producers of solar grade silicon and silicon solar cells. Norway and MNRE are collaborating and co-funding a solar-based rural electrification project that aims at developing sustainable and scalable business models for accelerating large-scale roll-out of community solar power plants (CSPPs) in India. As per the plans, Norway is interested in scaling up the solar electrification project in Madhya Pradesh to 1,000 villages.
Al present, pilots of solar electrification project are being run in about 30 villages of M.P., Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir. Most of these villages are in remote forest areas and the idea is to provide domestic lighting for these villages through a singular solar entity Norway has invested about a third of Rs 17 crore in the ongoing projects, while MNRE’s contribution stood at Rs 5.42 crore Scatec – a Norwegian solar firm – has invested about Rs 1.1 crore in these projects. Both Norway and MNRE are also considering setting up a 1.4 MW project involving 52 villages in Jharkhand. The proposed project of 1.4 MW would be connected to the existing gnd by injecting solar power.and Cooperation; and Developing Trade and Investment.
The enhanced relationship between India and the EU is a part of the EU’s enhanced engagement with Asia which was first highlighted through the Asia strategy paper in 1994 called ‘Towards a New Asia Strategy’. The change in the EU outlook towards Asia, and particu­larly India, was laid in the background of a new international order after the end of the Cold War that gave,rise to uncertainty, challenges and opportuni­ties for all states.
The end of the Cold War and India’s remarkable economic performance in the 1990s redefined the position of India within Asia and at a global level. Besides, the nuclear tests of.1998 signalled India’s growing aspirations. Clearly, this could not have been missed by the EU, and therefore, the EU now places new value to its relationship with India.
Until 2002, the EU Country Strategy Paper on India was emphasizing devel­opment and economic cooperation as the focal points of engagement with India. It viewed India within a development


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