How to Prepare GATE without Coaching


GATE is considered one of the toughest entrance exams in India. A common dilemma which the aspirants face is whether to join coaching classes to succeed in 2019 2019. Most of the aspirants end up joining coaching institutes which charge humongous fees, but there is more than 50% student didn’t join any coaching institute and wondering How to Prepare GATE without Coaching ..? In order to excel without coaching, you need to put in a lot of hard work. In order to save your time and money, we bring to you a step by step guide on How to crack 2019 by IIT Madras exam without coaching classes.

This article will cast light on the strategy one should follow to prepare for 2019 by IIT Madras through self-study.


2019 examination consists of a single paper. The exam is conducted online. The total duration of 2019 examination is 3 hours. A total of 65 questions are there which makes a total of 100 marks. Multiple choice questions as well as numerical type questions, appear in GATE Question Paper. 65 Questions are divided in two sections – 10 questions of Reasoning, Aptitude, and English and rest 55 questions consists of Engineering Mathematics and domain specific questions.


To prepare for 2019 without coaching, starting early always works in favor. If you start your preparation early, it will give you enough time for revision also. “For a fresher, the ideal time to start GATE preparation would be the 6th semester. This will differ if you are a graduate. In that case, then it is best to study as per daily goals set up when you embark on 2019  preparation. I feel that about 30 to 40 hours of effective self-study is required to crack the exam and taste success.


Even before you begin the actual preparation you must be well aware of the 2019 Syllabus and the Exam Pattern for your own branch. This works the same way as one needs to know the destination before beginning the journey. This includes a close study of previous year’s papers and their analysis. This will allow you to gather an idea of topic wise weightage with GATE’s perspective.


GATE question papers of past years play a massive role in 2019 exam preparation without coaching. The question papers are available online for download. GATE previous year question paper books are also available. You can purchase them and practice. GATE Question Paper solving helps you identify the trend as well as helps you to prepare yourself better. Make sure that you analyze the trends and prepare yourself accordingly.


It’s important for you to identify the books that need to be referred for the preparation for 2019. “The theoretical and numerical portions should be prepared together. Students should always read the topics from the standard books. A formula book should be created for easy revision during the last minute of preparation.


Solve as many mock question papers as possible. You apply for a mock examination conducted online. There are many conducted by institutions like GATE Online Test Series which have been known to be very accurate in question forecasting.

Pay attention to your strengths. Identify your weaknesses. Pay attention to the post analysis of the mock tests. Improve your weak areas. Improve your time management skills. This will help you score better marks in the real examination.


You must focus on attaining conceptual clarity since questions in GATE are purely conceptual and based on the practical application of concepts.


You must learn shortcuts and tricks for solving the questions quickly. You can refer to books and internet sources for learning shortcuts and tricks.


Many students also make mistakes here, many students are busy studying only, and they have no time to revise. But one thing you should keep in mind that without regular revise of the subjects you will forget the concepts and formulas. So give 5 to 10 minutes every day for every subject what you have studied before.


  • Analyze previous years’ question papers thoroughly. Try to establish the pattern.
  • Concepts are a must to be understood. Most questions are conceptual in GATE. Rather than memorizing everything focus on developing the understanding of concepts.
  • Previous years’ question papers have to be practiced. Thoroughly. You can take up GATE Online Test Series’, solved question papers book, where you can have an advantage of reading one topic and practice the corresponding questions of previous years’.
  • Focus on numerical and theory portion depending on the nature of the subject and the weightage of questions asked in previous years. This can be done when you analyze previous papers carefully and properly.
  • Revision every week is a must. Also, mock tests like GATE Online Test Series are a must for preparing yourself well.
  • GATE 2019 will include conceptual & numerical questions mostly. Try to find shorter methods to solve problems.
  • Time management is a must. You will have to manage time efficiently.


Cover full syllabus and give more time on the important area from which Question generally comes, join the Test Series, solve previous year question paper and making short note will help you to get fully prepared for GATE exam. Just have recommended books and start preparing. Reading clear your concept up to 30% but solving previous yearbooks & test series will excel your preparation up to 80 to 90 %, rest depends on your revision.


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