FICCI :Economic downturn may effect jobs


Economic downturn


FICCI  says Economic downturn may effect jobs

  • Economic downturn, employment opportunities for the country as FICCI business confidence survey counts take toll for the first time since the 2008-09 global crisis is expected to be negative.
  • It shows that the industry’s gloomy mood.
  • Net negative answer regarding job opportunities in the future, the first time since the 2008-09 crisis, the current economic downturn, combined with a negative growth of employment prospects, a jobless growth put pressure on the economy, can.
  • It is expected to decline in the coming months.
  •  The survey stated that the April-June quarter, the business confidence index was 51.8, FY’12 60.3 in Q4 was below the lows.
  • India and business confidence declined in a sombre mood.
  • Respondents seem to be optimistic about the current campaign and all three levels – economy, industry, and firm levels, lack of optimism about the future performance, he said.
  • “Weak demand, corporate India is becoming a concern for members,” the survey said, adding that the next few months will act as a major blow to the credit value.
  • The current drought situation, the impact on the industry, he said.
  • Survey between July and August and the expectations of members of the Company for the period of July through December were held.
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