Do we really need more Government Jobs to be created


Government jobs are good and lot of talks happening about government’s responsibility to create new jobs across the nation and so many meaningful and funny answers to the questions rose.

But one thing I noticed that we really do not need jobs to be created by the government and would relate it with real example.

I was looking for candidates in our company and posted job on various job portals available online, we also did a campus drive to hire the right candidates. After completing all this exercise we were waiting for the response from market and here is what we discovered.

 Maximum resumes we got did not fit the job requirement.

 We sent emails to more than 50 candidates requested them to send their resumes and very few responded.

 Most of the candidates who came for interview did not studied complete job requirement.

We hired or not is a different question but the process raised some questions in mind and while researching on internet there were some of the facts that we came across are interesting.

There are always more jobs than candidates available.

Leading job sites has millions of Job Opportunities

Companies are struggling hard to get skilled candidates for their various work requirements.

Companies are paying huge amount to HR people and consultants to fulfill their hiring needs.

Tough to Digest but it is True

In normal circumstances maximum candidates look after jobs after graduation and every year huge numbers of students pass out of college with absolutely no career objective or direction. Most of them do not even have enough guidance or information about opportunities available in the market. They react with their poor career knowledge and look around their peers. Most parents recommend jobs in government sector that result in lot of people preparing for these exams which may take years to get shortlisted.

Along with this there are only limited jobs. The applications are 100 times more than the actual numbers. Only 1 get selected and rest all prepare for next exam.

Imagine a situation where 100 people are fighting for 1 job and 99 will never get placed and the cycle will continue endlessly.

By the time these unsuccessful candidates realize there were other opportunities which they did not even considered once, they are left as unskilled labor which might have a graduation degree and skill that is not required for opportunities in the Job market.

Why Candidates Prepare for Government Jobs

The answer lies in our current working environment. Government jobs are considered as safest option where you get paid your whole life and the work pressure is limited.

There are some government jobs where you actually do not have to work and just get paid.

Due to corruption there are lot of under the table money generation techniques people follow which attract candidates.

You get salary increments and promotions after a certain time.

So end of month a government employee gets much more than he deserves.

What Private Sector Demands

Working with private sector comes with its own challenges and not everyone is ready to adjust with them. Some of them are listed here but the number is lot more than mentioned here.

The startup salary is very less; sometimes you might have to join as a trainee at the start of your career.

You get paid for your work and no incentives are given to non performers.

There is no limit of payout for skilled candidates.

You may lose the job due to some circumstances but there will be other opportunities available.

There is very less space for non performers.

Overall it is a High Risk High Gain job market. You work hard to get paid higher and even higher to get better. Promotions happen on performance and seniority plays only limited faction.

It is advised to everyone that as candidates we should look around and get the opportunities available and if we are willing to work hard and with dedication sky is the limit and if we want to a job where there is less work load, high pay packages and less risk involved, wait for the government to create more jobs.

This may hurt some people but unfortunately this is reality in my opinion. Share with others if you find it meaningful.


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