Dairy Development


Dairy Development

  • The Govt. is implementing following schemes for the development of dairy sector :(a) Intensive Dairy Development Programme (IDDP) was launched during Eighth Plan period. So far, 89 projects have been sanctioned in 26 states.(ii) Strengthening Infrastructure to Quality and Clean Milk Production (CMP) (2003) : A centrally sponsored scheme with the main objective of improving the quality of raw milk produced at the village level.
    • Assistance to Cooperative (1999-2000) : The scheme aims at revitalizing the sick Dairy Cooperatives Unions at the District level and Cooperative Federations at the State level. Under the scheme rehabilitation programmes are prepared by NDDB in consultation with Milk Union Federation/State Government.
    • Dairy Venture Capital Fund (2004-05) : To bring about structural changes in unorganized sector, measures like milk processing at village level, marketing of pasteurized milk milk, quality upgradation of traditional technology to handle commercial scale using modern equipments and management skills, a new scheme Dairy Venture Capital Fund is being implemented in Eleventh Five Year Plan which is implemented through NABARD.
    • Milk and Milk Product Order-1992 : With the Enactment of Food Safety Standard Act-2006, at present the workd related to MMPO-92 are under Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, Mb° Health and Family Welfare.

    National Dairy Plan

    National Dairy Plan is a strategic plan prepared by NDDB to achieve a largest of 180 million tonnes of milk production annually by 2021-22. Milk production is expected to grow at 4% with an annual incremental output of 5 million tonnes in the next fifteen years.



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