Additionally the two countries have been cooperating on the Human Space Flight Project (HSP).

On 20th April 2011, the jointly developed Indian-Russian Student Satellite “Youthsat” was suc­cessfully launched by India with its PS. LV rocket.

Additionally the two countries have been cooperating on the Human Space Flight Project (HSP). On 20th April 2011, the jointly developed Indian-Russian Student Satellite “Youthsat” was suc­cessfully launched by India with its PS. LV rocket.
During the 11th Summit in New Delhi in December 2010 a formal agree­ment for provision by Russia to India of access to the high precision signals of the Russian GLONASS navigation system was signed. Simultaneously, the two countries have been cooperating on the civilian applications of GLONASS with programmes for joint develop­ment and launch of satellites, and joint manufacture of receiving equipments.

Economic Cooperation :

Bilateral trade in the year 2009 amounted to USD 7.46 billion and USD 8.535 billion in 2010, registering a growth of approximately 15 per cent. During the year 2010 Rus­sian exports to India amounted to USD 6.392 billion and imports from India to Russia amounted to USD 2.142 billion. The two-way investment between the two countries stood at approximately USD 7.8 billion. However, there is re­alization on both sides that there is a vast potential for substantial increase in the volumes of trade and investment, given the size of the two economies.In 2009, it was decided to set a tar­get of USD 20 billion worth of bilateral trade by 2015. Both sides also realize that considerable potential exists for coop­eration in the fields of modernization, energy, pharmaceuticals, IT, aerospace, agriculture, etc.
The Indo-Russian Inter-Govern­mental Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technological and Cultural
Russia Has Offered To Help India Establish NDCM Centres In Cities merit Centre
Russia has offered to help India establish a National Disaster and Crisis Manage‑
During the visit of the Indian delegation headed by Home Minister P Chidambaram, Russia had highlighted the need to rapidly concertise cooperation under the Inter Gov­ernmental Agreement on Disaster Management signed in December 2010 and urged early setting up of the joint commission envisaged under it.
The Russian National Crisis Management Centre carries out operational manage­ment of on-duty forces in emergency situations and ensures population waming in case of major accidents and disasters. It further integrates the unified information network of all the structures involved in emergency prevention, forecasting and response. The Russian Emergency and Disaster Management Command Centre (EMERCOM) deploys GLONASS signals.


Russian makers of MiG aircraft will hand over remain­ing five MiG-29K/KUB carrier-based fighters to the Indian Navy by the end of this year.The contract, a part of USD 1.5 billion Gorshkov aircraft carrier deal inked in Janu­ary 2004, provides for the deliveries of 12 single-seat MiG-29Ks and four two-seat MiG-29KUBs for the Indian Navy, reported RIA Novosti. The 11 fighters trave already joined the Indian Navy’s “Black Panthers” squadron based in Goa, training pilots for subsequent deployment on INS Vikramaditya, which is expected to be delivered by Russia in December 2012.In March 2010, another USD 1.5-billion deal was signed for the acquisition of 29 additional MiG-29K Fulcrum-D carrier-based fighter jets and the deliveries are scheduled to commence next year.

dergoing pre-commissioning testing and are expected to be commissioned in the near future. Negotiations for the start of construction work for Units 3&4 at Kudankulam are at an advanced stage and the construction work is likely to begin soon. During the visit of Prime Minister Putin to India in March 2010, an Inter Governmental Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Use of Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes and a “Road Map” for our future bilat­eral nuclear cooperation were signed.Russia recognizes India’s status as a country with advanced nuclear technology and vast industrial po­tential in the nuclear field, and also acknowledges India’s clean track record in non-proliferation. Russia supports India’s candidature to all export control regimes, including the NSG. In June 2011, the two countries signed a MoU on Russian cooperation in India’s ‘Global Centre for Nuclear Power’ initiative.Space : India and Russia have been collaborating in several high-technology based space projects. Under the aegis of Inter Governmental Agreement signed in 2004, Russia and India cooperated in the Chandrayan-1 project and are currently involved in the joint development of the Chandrayan-2 project that will place an Indian rover-craft and a Russian lander­module on the ,oirface of Moon.


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