Cattle and Buffalo Development


Cattle and Buffalo Development

  • Location of
  • Cattle Breeding

  • Farms
  • Suratgarh (Rajasthan)
  • Chiplima & Semiliguda (Orissa)
  • Dhamrod (Gujarat),
  • Alamadi (Tamil Nadu),
  • Hessarghatta (Karnataka)
  • Andeshnagar (U.P.).
    • A Central Herd Registration Scheme for identification and location of superior germ plasm of cattle

and           buffaloes,
propagation           of
superior germ stock, regulating the sale and purchase, help in formation of breeders society and to meet
requirement          of
superior bulls in different parts of the country is also being implemented. The Govt. of India has established Central Herd Registration Unit in four breeding tracts i.e.Rohtak, Ahmedabad, Ongole and Ajmer.

  • Central Herd Registration scheme is for registration of elite cow and buffalo breeds of national importance and provides incentive for rearing of elite cows and male calves. It plays a vital role in sourcing indigenous germplasm required for the National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding.

Genetic improvement in bovines is a long term activity and Govt. of India has initiated a major programme, “National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding” from October 2000 over a period of ten years, in two phases each of five years


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