Bhopal: Model Code of Conduct puts a brake on Bhopal Municipal Corporation works


BHOPAL: The imposition of Model Code of Conduct and the change of government in the state have severely affected the development work under civic bodies in Bhopal.  The Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) will also witness its poll in a year and the projects that are in the limbo will then trouble the corporators and not the MLA or the local MP. The major projects include Smart Road, Boulevard Street, Musical Fountain, Arch Bridge, Guru Teg Bahadur Musuem at Pari Park, Bharat Mata Temple at Manuabhan Ki Tekri among others.

Krishna Mohan Soni, corportaor in BMC said that big projects like smart road and Boulevard Street are becoming political victims. He added that the Boulevard Street will link Platinum Plaza and Jawahar square. He claimed that the two areas will be linked to the shortest distance but the local MLA and minister PC Sharma has deliberately stuck the work.  He also claimed that the smart road would link the areas near polytechnic to the areas near depot square. He says that the houses near the road have to be shifted but the new government is again troubling the development.

Corporator Sanjeev Gupta said that the archbridge from Ginnori will enable the residents of Itwara, Somwara, Mangalwara, Budhwara, Jumerati to directly reach the new Bhopal. He claimed that the three houses are to be shifted for the inauguration of the bridge but the new government is deliberately troubling us. He claimed that we will go for the municipal polls in December and that the delay will definitely affect the elections. BMC’s hyped projects that are in the limbo.

Development of smart road is underway and its inauguration has been shifted for over four times. It is being developed at a cost of around Rs 30 crore. The road has to link the areas from Polytechnic Square to Depot Square and nearby areas. However, its inaguration has been delayed repeatedly while the houses in the area were bulldozed for the work and the residents were shifted elsewhere.

 Similarly the Boulevard street has to link the area of Mata Mandir and nearby Platinum plaza to Jawahar Chowk. It is being developed at a cost of Rs 40 crore.

Arch Bridge is being developed to connect the old Bhopal to new Bhopal. The bridge is being developed at a cost of around Rs 40 crore.

Similarly, the development of Guru Teg Bahadur museum is also in the limbo as the BMC has failed to find the area where they would build it at Idgah hills.

The musical fountain at the upper lake is one of the hyped projects in the BMC. The fountain is ready but due to some hurdles, the BMC has failed to open it for visitors.


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