Article 21 also applies to foreigners


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    • Supreme Court ruled that Article 21 also applies to foreigners

The Supreme Court of India on 16 March 2011 ruled that article 21 of the Constitution of India (right to life and liberty) would be applicable even to a foreign national staying in India. The court gave this judgment while staying the deportation of a Libyan researcher whose visa was due to expire on 17 March 2011. The bench ruled that compelling Mohamed to go to Libya in a situation where no international flights were being operated was a violation of his human rights.
Parliament passed Constitution (111th Amendment) Bill
The Parliament passed the cruciai Constitution (in:Amendment) Bill to insulate about six lakh cooperative societies from politica and government interference and to strengthen the cooperative movement.
The amendment will grant citizens a fundamental right to form cooperative societies and allow for voluntary formation, autonomous functioning, democratic control and professional management of cooperative societies,
The Bill, moved by Agriculture and Cooperation Minister Sharad Pawar, was passed in the Rajya Sabha with 154 members voting in favour and 43 opposing it. The Bili has already been approved by the Lok Sabha.
Members belonging to the CPI (M), the CPI, and the /3.3D opposed the Bill saying it was encroaching upon the rights u States,
The Cl! provides for reservation of one seat for the SCheduled Caste or the Scheduled ‘Tribe and two seats for women on the hoard of every society provic-2d had indiviclua:s as members from these categories.
It also seeks to specify the number of directors of a society and provides a fixed term of five years from the date, of election (…)1 members and office bearers.


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