The All India Institute of Medical Sciences


The All India Institute of Medical Sciences

plans to be the firs( apex institute in the government sector in north India to seek international accreditation for its laboratories from the  (NABL).

Antibiotics Could Lead To Obesity In Babies :

According to Leonardo Trasande of the New York University School of Medicine Giving babies’ antibiotics before the age of six months could cause them to be chubby children, according to a recent study. The study suggests mi‑
crobes in human intestines may play critical roles in how one absorbs calories, and exposure to antibiotics, especially early in life, may kill off healthy bactena that influence how one absorbs nutrients into ones bodies, and would otherwise keep one lean. The study adds to a growing body of research warning of the potential dangers of antibiotics, especially for children. Preliminary studies have linked changes in the trillions of microbial cells in human bodies to obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma and other conditions. However, direct causal proof has not yet been found. This was the first study analyzing the relationship between antibiotic use and body mass starting in infancy.
Chitosan Aerogel : Here’s a spray that can keep fruits fresh, which can be a great blessing for countnes like India where nearly 40% of agricultural produce is rotten and wasted. A spray-on coating made from a substance found in shrimp and crab shells can prevent
bananas ripening too fast and keep them fresh for up to two weeks. Dr Xihong Li, who made the spray from chitosan, said that when it
was used to coat green bananas, the spray slowed their ripening and so kept them fresh for two weeks by forming a hydrogel coating on the surface. It was found that by spraying green bananas with a chitosan aerogel, we can keep bananas fresh for up to 12 days. They
have developed ways to keep bananas green for a longer time and inhibit the rapid ripening that occurs. Such a coating could be used at home by consumers, in supermarkets or during shipment of bananas. The spray, which is being developed at Tianjin University of Science and Technology in China, is clear and tasteless and said to be completely safe. It works by killing bacteria and slowing down the rate at which the fruit breathes. As it was evident that the faster they breathe, the quicker they ripen.
The LImbIC : A Swiss doctor Dr Patrik Kunzler has invented an office chair made from carbon shells used in Formula One car production. which he claims is not only good for your posture but is also thought to make you happier. The creation, by the doctor and designer Ben
Fluri, called the LimbIC is different from the standard design currently used by workers the world over. It doesn’t have a back or arm rests and the seat is made from two carbon shells, used in Formula One car production, which move with the user. The design, developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, focuses on movements of the body and helps with posture as well as relaxation. And the user is supposed to feel a sense of weightlessness which can have a positive affect on performance, creativity and also mood.
Key Standards to Set Standards : India continues to lag behind the West in healthcare despite producing some of the finest doctors be­cause we have not woken up to the fact that in current times, lab reports dictate treatment protocols and not vice versa, especially in diseases
like cancer, diabetes, neurological and cardiological diseases. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences plans to be the firs( apex institute in the government sector in north India to seek international accreditation for its laboratories from the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). The AIIMS is the first institute with laboratory wings in research and patient care services, recording a footfall of 10,000 patients a day, to apply for this process. Though the institute follows the highest quality standards in its laboratories, the stamp will ensure AIIMS meets ISO standards for best global laboratories. It will mean better coordination between departments, the highest standards of lab reporting an aspect that is crucial to patient care — and improved standards of research. Accreditation will also bring in time-bound period of reporting, ending long waiting periods that have come to exemplify lab reporting in government hospitals.


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