5 Questions (And Suggested Answers) From AMNC18


1. Will China lead the Fourth Industrial RevolutionYes, all signs point to China leading with its clarity of thought (vision) and speed of execution (conviction). The Greater Bay Area, led out of Shenzhen, is fast emerging as a compelling parallel to Silicon Valley with a complete ecosystem of capital, talent and infrastructure. Defying imitation perceptions of the past, China is placing innovation at the heart of policymaking with clear focus on new drivers of growth, the top three are:

a) AI is top national priority: Officials are encouraged to foster AI infrastructure, such as sensors on roads, so that companies can develop solutions that embed digital technologies in the physical world. In addition, access to vast amounts of rich data, investments in higher education and talent, and a hyper-competitive business environment give China a leg up.

b) China is one of the first countries to roll-out 5G in the coming months. With nearly 400M of 1.3B global 5G expected connections by 2025, the country is laying the foundation for leading the Internet of Things wave.

c) Unlimited R&D budget to crack quantum computing, which could simulate nature, design materials and solve complex problems in seconds.


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